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Dr. Ajai Bhambi is a big name in the field of astrology who commands wide respect and is known all over the world for his in-depth knowledge and precise predictions. He is an expert in Nakshatra Meditation and a great healer of Himalayan tradition. His clientele is international. His accurate predictions over the last 40 years have been made due to his in-depth knowledge and expertise of astrology, spiritual astrology and related sciences. No wonder, numerous people were helped by him to recognize upcoming opportunities and also overcome unexpected obstacles they encounter. He continues to act as a guide and teacher for many people from all walks of life as he helps them navigate the twists and turns of life. Multi-faceted personality Dr. Ajai Bhambi has many pioneering efforts and firsts to his credit. He is a law graduate with a Masters in Economics. He has also done Doctorate in Nakshatra Meditation in 2016. He has been in the profession of astrology for nearly 40 years now. He also has the distinction of being a member of Film Censor Board (under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) from 1990 to 1994. He was also serving as Member from 1995 to 2010 on Board for Industrial Financial Reconstruction (BIFR - under Ministry of Finance). In that capacity he was Special Director in many companies. A Pioneer and an Innovator par excellence Some Remarkable Predictions He has made many notable predictions about people, countries and events. He predicted some recent political developments in India. He predicted about Narendra Modi coming to power in the Centre. He was first to see AAP coming to power in Delhi. His predictions on the recent state elections in MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh in November 2018 were spot on. He has analysed charts of Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. He clearly predicted that Sonia Gandhi will never hold the post of PM. He also foresees a big role for Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi in days to come. He also predicted about the victory of Donald Trump and Barack Obama in the US presidential elections. He has correctly mapped the careers of political personalities like Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi, A. B. Vajpayee, Sharad Pawar, Pranab Mukherji, L. K. Advani, Prafful Patel, Nitish Kumar, Jayalalitha, M. M. Joshi and Nitin Gadgari to name a few. He has also accurately predicted about sporting events, sporting personalities and Indian artists. Pandit Ajai Bhambi also predicted about the possible hostilities in Indo-Pak relations that was witnessed recently and escalation of tension between the two neighbours that may lead to a war like situation. He predicted correctly about the terror attack in Mumbai in the year 2008. He predicted about drought in India, Indo - China relations and the border activities. In the year 2018 he was clearly able to forecast about cyclones hitting South India followed by unprecedented heavy rainfall that resulted in heavy damage to life of people. Computerised Horoscope Making a birth chart or horoscope in the past was a difficult and daunting task. It was done manually by astrologers. Then he started the use of computerization for astrology which is common usage now. He is seen as the pioneer of computer astrology in India. Astrology as a new subject on television It is he who has the credit for introducing astrology on television through his daily show on Jain TV which ran very well uninterrupted for continuous five years. This programme introduced to masses an in-depth analysis of astrology as was never done before on Indian television. Here Pandit ji held discussions with astrologers, numerologists, Vaastu-vids, Tarot experts and other experts on various aspects of astrology. Debate on TV Channels In the decade that followed his knowledge and contribution to astrology was acknowledged by one and all. He was invited to talks on astrology and spirituality on leading TV channels. He has also been interviewed by CNN, BBC and other foreign TV channels too. Vedic Astrology It goes to the credit of Dr. Ajai Bhambi who bought Vedic Astrology to the forefront. He has brought forth and popularized Vedic Sun signs which are different from what is commonly practiced. Initiatives at International level Dr. Ajai Bhambi conducts workshops in astrology, spiritual astrology and nakshatra meditation in India and abroad. He has also participated in several international seminars and conferences. He is recognized widely as an ambassador of Vedic Astrology whose contribution in this field remains unmatched. He has given programs on Vedic astrology in places like Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Muscat, UAE, Ghana and Thailand. Meditation Technique Spiritual astrology has led Dr. Ajai Bhambi to device a unique meditation technique which enables a person to harness the immense energy of the cosmos to its fullest. This Nakshatra Meditation (NM) Technique is a very powerful yet simple technique that is able to bring about a sea change in many people through direct experience of cosmic consciousness. Dr. Ajai Bhambi as Vastu Expert Dr. Ajai Bhambi is an internationally acclaimed vastu expert who has been practicing this science for the last 40 years. He has written many books on Vastu Science. They received wide acclaim and appreciation too. He has also written many articles on this subject in national and international magazines, newspapers. He has developed his own unique technique on vastu without breaking or demolishing even a single wall of building structure. He is a well known international expert on Vastu and has visited many countries like Russia, U.S.A., Japan, Dubai, Thailand, Great Britain and several other countries. He also gives consultation on Vastu Science with his team of experts for the last 40 years to his clients. He has conducted and attended many seminars on this subject. He has a team of experts who assist and work under his guidance. Kavita Chaitanya Juneja Kavita Chaitanya is a well known Vastu Expert and Astrologer who gives consultation for last 20 years. She is an M.A. in astrology and has wide experience in Vastu Science. She is a trained Vastu Expert who is working with Dr. Ajai Bhambi for last several years. The writer A prolific writer, he has authored several books, both in English and Hindi. He also writes for many Indian and international magazine and newspapers. Some of his best selling books include: Be your own Astrologer, Vaastu for You and Your Family, Vedic Sun Sign, Swayam Bane Jyotishi, Manavta Ka Ekmatra Mitra Shani, Neech Bhanga Rajayoga etc. He has also written a trend setting book - Planetary Meditation - A Cosmic Approach in English and Planetary Meditation - Brahmand ke Alok Me in Hindi. He has written for Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicle, India in New York, Tribune, Nai Duniya and The Political and Business Daily, Sun, Free Ads, Saptahik Hindustan, North-East Sun and Kadambini, Cosmopolitan, Outlook Lounge, Models and Trends and Gulf News (Dubai), columns on astrological topics and on national and international personalities. He was solving queries of readers through those columns. He is writing columns on astrological topics in Parliamentarian Magazine, Dopahar Ka Saamana (Mumbai), Mail Today (Delhi), Uday India (English and Hindi - weekly) Delhi, Shillong Times and Dainik Bhaskar (Indore). Electronic Media Pandit Ajai Bhambi is often seen in many astrological shows on leading television channels in India and overseas. Apart from his famous daily show on Jain TV, he did astrological shows for Sahara TV, Zee TV, P7, IBN7, AajTak, Star TV, NDTV etc. Youtube He is running Ajai Bhambi Channel (ABC) on Youtube giving deep insight to viewers by giving programs on spirituality, philosophy and Vedic astrology. Awards Internationally acclaimed Pandit Ajai Bhambi has been conferred with many recognitions and awards. He was conferred with "World Icon Award 2018" at Bangkok by PM of Thailand, He has also been conferred with "Indian Icon Award" in 2017 and also "National Gaurav Award 2017". He was honoured with "The 2011 World Spiritual Parliament" with "The Life Time Achievement Award" in areas of scientific predictions and futurology. He was also honoured with "The Life Time Achievement Award" at the All India Astrological Conference in 2018.


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Apr 10 2021
Thank you Sir for always helping me like a divine guide and filling me with positive vibes. Forever grateful to you
Jitendra qq
Apr 06 2021
Thank you very much Sir for all your guidance and motivation.You are my divine guide and my life saviour 🙏. will connect with you after some days
Apr 01 2021
You are the best
Apr 01 2021
thank you sir
Mar 30 2021
Very Knowledgeable n Informative.. Highly recommended
Mar 30 2021
Mar 30 2021
Very positive, very motivating. Fortunate to have your guidance sir. My best wishes for you. 🙏
Mar 29 2021
Very Good Guidance and prediction. Luck to have in the call
Mar 29 2021
Thank you very much sir for your time and effort. Very simple and easy steps with no cost solution!
Mar 29 2021
Accurate predictions Best astrologer